A Voice for Heavy Truck Drivers and Their Families

A Voice for Truck Drivers and Their Families

As a driver of a heavy truck, you work hard to earn an income and provide for your family.  Whether driving short hauls or long hauls, or whether your heavy truck is a service vehicle, you expect your heavy truck to provide you with the same protections that the car or SUV you drive on the weekend provides.  You also expect your heavy truck to be designed, tested and manufactured to protect occupants.  How important is your safety to you while operating a heavy truck?  How important is your safety to heavy truck manufacturers?

Rollovers are, unfortunately, a well-known event when it comes to heavy trucks.  It happens a lot, regardless of the type of cargo or the use of the heavy truck.  For you, the driver, it is reasonable and fair to expect a heavy truck manufacturer to design and test your heavy truck so that it provides protection to occupants in the event of a rollover.  While heavy truck manufacturers might deflect this duty, you and your family should not.

Roof Crush Injuries

Injuries suffered by heavy truck operators during rollovers are often catastrophic.  They might include severe neck, head or spinal cord injuries.  They might also include entrapment injuries, such as asphyxiation, caused by the collapsed roof pinning the driver inside the heavy truck cab.  However, there might also be ejection injuries to the driver that could result when the roof crush causes significant deformation and displacement of the roof which creates an opening for the driver to be ejected from the heavy truck.

Injuries from roof crush in heavy truck rollovers are often severe and permanent in nature.  Can your family survive without your income if you’re permanently injured and unable to work?  For families that have tragically lost a family member from roof crush injuries, how do you replace that income that you and your family financially relied upon?

An Advocate for Drivers and Their Families

Toby has been prosecuting and litigating heavy truck rollover cases for more than a decade.  He’s here to help you and your family.  As an advocate and as a voice for truck drivers and their families, he has helped families throughout the United States find justice when a truck driver has been severely injured or killed in a heavy truck rollover.  Call or email Toby today and let him help you understand your rights.  To email Toby, click here.